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Vienna picture mahogany
Vienna picture mahogany
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Vienna picture mahogany

Vienna picture mahogany
Vienna picture mahogany
Vienna picture mahogany
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Vienna picture frame


Vienna, the city of music.
Achieve a striking effect with the walnut picture frame - like the dramatic peak of an opera - all deep bass! The white frame is the clear, ringing soprano, the cherry frame is the silky baritone, the pine photo frame is the pleasing alto. Compose the music of your home with our Vienna-inspired picture frames and your own photos, canvases, handicrafts and paintings.



Material: MDF (medium-density fibreboard)

Dimensions: width: 36 mm, height: 18 mm, wall depth: 12 mm.

The product includes a normal glass plate (2 mm), MDF backing, hinged support (up to 15 x 21cm), and a pressed hanger for standing or lying pictures.

When ordering a custom size, the size range is 10x15 cm - 80 x 120 cm.

One of the most popular frame types for framing jigsaw puzzles, school tableaux, diamond puzzles.


The complete range of picture frames can be viewed in our digital catalogue.


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