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Rome picture frame gold
Rome picture frame gold
8 700 Ft

Rome picture frame gold

Rome picture frame gold
Rome picture frame gold
Rome picture frame gold

Customizable picture frame


The process of scaling a picture frame:

Measure the width and length of the picture.

If you want the picture without matboard, this value will be the frame size.

The size can be made from this type of picture frame is:

minimum size: 8 x 8 cm.

maximum size: 70 x 100 cm


If you want to have a matboard, enter the width and choose the colour.

Please note that if the size of the picture frame, including the width of the matboard, exceeds the maximum dimensions, the calculator will warn you. In this case, make the matboard smaller (but leave at least 3 cm) or choose another frame profile that can be used to make a larger picture frame.

The window of the matboard will cover round 2 mm from the picture. The calculator takes this into account.

Production time - 1 week
Dimensions of the picture to be framed
Picture width
Picture height
Picture orientation
Calculated product price
Calculated grand total
The package includes the frame, the glass and the back cover with hanger


Material: wood

Dimensions: width: 27 mm, height: 18 mm, wall depth: 10 mm.


The standard product includes a standard glass plate (2 mm.), MDF backing and a pressed-in hanger for standing or lying pictures.


If you require home delivery, we recommend ordering with acrylic glass for sizes over 40 x 50 cm.


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